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Patient Q

You Only Get One Chance to Make a Good
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An SMS Queue Management Satisfaction
system for Students, Patients and Customers.

Health Care

Patient Q and its sister solution Queue Mobile are designed for busy service intensive industries such as higher education, event management and retail services. Patient Q is a flexible, easy to use and affordable software as a service solution (SaaS). Patient Q does not require expensive equipment or software, just a broadband connection and a web browser. Patient Q offers a digital display application at no extra charge, unlike other more expensive queue management system. Patient Q is easy to customize for your unique patient flow.

How it Works for Patients Services

To illustrate one way Patient Q can work, follow this scenario using a staff member as a “Queue Manager.” (By no means is this required. Individual departments can just as easily monitor and manage their own queues.)

Patients / families arrive at the clinic or ED and meet with a Registration Specialist or Queue Manager who adds them to the appropriate queue or virtual waiting line—e.g., triage, clinic or labs, etc.

In this scenario the Registration Specialist determines the Patient’s needs and enters them into the appropriate queue. The Registration Specialist asks permission to enter the Patients’s name and cell phone number into Patient Q, informing Patients / families they will be notified by text messages when it’s time to meet with the next provider.

The Registration Specialist clicks “text” to text the Patients who is next to be seen by the provider.

Once the Patients is finished seeing provider, he/she can now be moved to another queue, such as the Clinic queue with the click of a button. The Patients will receive a text confirmation of their position in the Lab queue. “Welcome to the Lab queue, you are now 6th in line.”

The Registration Specialist monitors and manages each virtual waiting line from their browser. Patient Q enables the Registration Specialist to monitor and manage up to 12 virtual waiting or queues at a time.

The various departments (Clinic, Lab, etc) involved can login into Patient Q and monitor the waiting line activity. Based on your clinics workflow, each department can independently manage its own virtual waiting line. (It can also be managed through a self serve kiosk or website.)

How it Works for Patients / families

Upon entering the Clinic queue, Patients / families will receive a confirmation text message confirming they are in the appropriate queue and what place in line they are (i.e. 2nd, 3rd, 10th, etc). Based on how close the Patients is to the 1st position, the Patients is now free to move about the campus, to get a cup of coffee, or to simply wait some where else but a crowded contagious waiting area.

Furthermore, Patient Q’s SMS technology enables Patients Services to empower the Patients with the ability to interact directly with the system. Based on the clinics preferences, the Patients can text commands to Patient Q to:

• Check his/her status or place in the queue
• To request more time in queue (bumps the Patients back in line)
• To move to another queue (e.g., Labs or Imaging)
• To leave the queue.

Patients / families without cell phones can also be entered into Patient Q. Although they won’t receive a text message, they can monitor their position on a digital display.

Setting up and customizing your virtual waiting lines is a simple process and Patient Q is even simpler to manage.

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