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You Only Get One Chance to Make a Good
First Impression

An SMS Queue Management Satisfaction
system for Customers, Patients and Customers.

Higher Education

Bricks and mortar colleges and universities around the country are locked in fierce competition, particularly with online schools. In today’s highly competitive environment, Student Service departments are tasked with fostering a Student-centered experience, a critical successful factor in achieving and maintaining enrollment goals.

As a college professor at the graduate and undergraduate level, I know my Students expect a high quality education AND exceptional Student services at all levels of the institution. Enrollment and registration are typically synonymous with excitement and anxiety for most Students. The excitement of a new semester can often be overshadowed by the hassle, confusion and long lines associated with trying to get the classes you need for graduation. Putting the ubiquitous cell phone to work for you as a Student service tool is just good business. Over 85% of Americans own cell phones and text messaging surpasses voice calls as the primary use of cell phones.

Student Q’s designers worked closely with Gwinnett Technical College to build the first queue management system specifically for colleges and universities. Key factors included:

  1. Multiple queue (virtual waiting lines) capability
  2. Ability to add and delete queues
  3. Move Students between queues
  4. Notify Students via text message
  5. Enable Students to interact with the queue system
  6. Integrated digital display capability
  7. Multiple logins
  8. Activity reporting
  9. Affordability
  10. No specialized equipment, easy to support

Student Q is more than a communication device it is a Student relationship tool that can add value to your institution. Imagine how Student Q can benefit your university or college?

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